Increase traffic and leads, achieve greater industry authority and boost your rep
with flawless Health & Wellness blog posts and content


When Bill Gates said that “content is king” way back in 1996, he wasn’t kidding. With such an overload of words everywhere, it is crucial that your business masters good content to survive and thrive.

Whether you want more traffic, sales, authority or better SEO, the answer is the same – high quality content. I am a versatile health and wellness writer and here are some of the services that I provide to help you achieve your content needs.

Blog posts

Regularly blogging is one of the easiest ways to increase traffic to your website. Every blog post is an indexed page and the more indexed pages you have, the more opportunity to show up in the search engines and drive traffic. This makes blogging an invaluable lead-generation tool.

Add to the fact that it gives long-term results, the importance of blogging cannot be overstated. I can help make all this happen with regular monthly blog posts. Hire me to create content that will stamp your authority in the health industry.

Content strategy

Content strategy is like a map or guideline that gives your online presence the structure and focus it needs. Good marketing is all about meeting your customers where they are. It gives you the power to reach all of your potential customers, no matter where on the awareness spectrum they are.

At the rate health businesses are evolving and progressing, staying above your competitors should be a key aspect of your strategy. You can hire me to work on your current content strategy – or even to help create a new one.


Do you have a reputation to uphold, but simply not enough time to spend on writing? Or perhaps you simply don’t enjoy writing. Hiring a ghostwriter is a great idea when you are short on time and need high quality copy. I can assist you with your writing needs; I will research impeccably and write on your behalf, giving up credit for it too. Nobody will ever know or be able to tell that it was not written by you.

Ebooks/Newsletters/White Papers

If you are looking to cement your authority as a health industry leader, the use of ebooks, white papers or newsletters is a must. Bring me on board to help create either one (or all) of these and it will undoubtedly be one of your best business investments.